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Embracing Excursions to beat that Corporate Stress

People don’t take trips, trips take people.

-John Steinbeck

Around 46% of the workforce in organisations in India suffers from some or the other form of stress, according to the latest data from Optum, a top provider of employee assistance programmes to corporates. A combination of lifestyle issues and overall environmental stress is creating tremendous pressure for individuals leading to heart attacks or mental issues such as depression or suicides.

Our societal structure is responsible for creating stress; right from childhood, exam results, making a career, etc., take up all our time. Organisations must understand that there is this serious factor called stress and proactively deal with it. The stress could be related to personal issues, office politics, or performance target issues. If it’s about targets or a bad boss or even a personal issue, it’s the duty of an organisation to address it through counselling and discussions and reworking that individual’s schedule to reduce stress.


Although it’s impossible to eradicate stress, we could figure out ways to expunge this stress out of our lives, by taking up getaway options once in a while. Getting off to an atmosphere where nature and the journey take care of the stress for you, can be a relaxing change.

Restricting team mates within the space of your corporate chamber will make the workload seem like a heavy strain. A minor modification in the daily routine of your corporate calendar can yield huge gains in terms of team performance. One astounding way out in the recent times is an excursion or trip for the corporates.


Even in normal lives, trips are such energising experiences which help people discover themselves and bring a brand new meaning to their lives, which has probably been taken over by their hectic lifestyle. It’s coping with stress in the most subtle manner, while realizing the quality of life. For a person with a corporate lifestyle, whose everyday working life constitutes roughly twelve hours, a corporate trip or retreat would ideally provide the essential boost to their energy.


Colleagues are generally just competent partners when trapped behind the corporate doors. What is missing is the presence of a healthy relationship at workplace. It is extremely sad that, although they work with each other for about twelve hours every day in adjacent chambers, they don’t possess the means to create a rapport with each other. Corporate trips help in building bonds and getting to know an individual on a personal note. By knowing each other’s common interests, likes, and dislikes, a feeling of trust can be incorporated in the workplace, thus helping the employees deal with the work and with each other in a better manner.


When going for expeditions, the companies generally make use of soft adventure activities and management games to develop various skills such as leadership, conflict management, communication and teamwork in a group of people. This programme aims to take executives out of the comfort zone of their normal office environment, to the outdoors, to participate in some specially designed outdoor management games. It’s a real life scenario that can be put into use as a social-responsibility program, meant to strengthen the work-culture for the better. Employees are encouraged to share responsibilities and learn the benefits of performing as a unit than a “one man army” module, in all the adventure activities they decide to take up.


Apart from that , the thrill of walking through the wilderness, making bonfires, pitching tents and spending the night together after a day of adventure, would help in looseing up around ones colleagues.

Adventure activities have a euphoria associated with them, which instill a sense of achievement, as you tend to overcome some real obstacles. As you need to cooperate with each other while working through the hurdles, and unlike when in office space, you enjoy doing it here, it helps in creating bonds through which a supportive work-culture environment can be created, instead of a submissive one.


An office trip can help a lot if any decision is to made regarding promotions. Although the primary key lies in the ability of the employee to handle scenarios, a leader is much more than the person who is just simply capable of achieving office targets. An ideal leader is the one who possesses the skill of concentration, trust, presence of mind and is good at handling techniques. It is easier to find an all-rounder when you’re looking at their performance outside the office cubicle.


Coming back to office after an amazing trip is usually a new person who is energy packed, happy and brimming with new ideas and probably even with an improved ability to think. The stress level is comparatively lesser which makes the person work much more efficiently than before. The efficient work nature of the individual is spread onto the team he is working with, which in turn helps the company to grow. Work and play are two important parts of life that go hand in hand. These activities can help break the stress, as a sense of excitement and variation can be brought in the lives of the employees, which might otherwise turn monotonous. This in turn keeps the workforce happy and a positive vibe is shared among colleagues, which results in a better output.

Corporate trips include a carefully planned package, to ideally bring forth ingenious Adventure Activities for clients and to ensure that these outings add the missing spark to their lives; tangible results are assured as the employees and their employers connect in a space outside their office thus creating a positive impact on oneself and on the world at large.

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