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A trip to Kareri lake

Done with the riffraff of daily life? Come escape to Kareri.

A 9 to 5 job, a bunch of drinking friends and a cozy apartment, may be
our goals when we were young. But when the monotony hits, it hits
hard. The binge drinking or the parties aren’t gonna come to your
rescue, mountains are where it’s at. Absolute soul-awakening peace and
tranquility, with the ability to truly find oneself.

One such haven is the  Kareri Village. Nestled in the Dhauladar range
of the Himalayas, surrounded by lush sub-tropical pine forests, Chir
and Chilgoza pines can be found throughout.  With low canopies and
dense forest cover, a conglomerate of bird species can be spotted with

Source of the Nyund stream, the Kareri Lake, is located in Kangra
district of Himachal Pradesh. One of the highest altitude lake (3,300)
in the Indian Himalayan region, the Kareri Lake is formed by the
inflow of melted waters from the Mankiani Peak. If luck favors, one
may even get to witness the crystal clear waters infused with the
melted snow, a view of the shallow lake bed. With an altitude of 1975
meters, It’s the perfect space to unwind amongst nature.

Surrounded by the hovering hills, dotted with the trees, the Kareri
Village serves as the ideal trek. The path to this destination is our

An overnight journey in an AC Volvo for utmost comfort shall be booked
from your location to Dharamshala. Upon reaching, the campsite will
serve as the accommodation where one may unbend from the long journey.
After an appetizing meal, to help invigorate you for the long
unwinding paths, the trek shall commence.

A long walk, basking in the sun, feast your eyes to the top-notch
views nature has to offer. At night, the stars and the music will
accompany a pleasant bonfire.
The following day, would the ideal time to be mesmerized by the
sunset, take on a long walk, for its time, to do some rappelling.
Don’t worry, some savory lunch shall vitalize you right up for the

The next day it would be time to bid adieu to the views, as we safely
take you right back, in one piece, accompanied by some memories.

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