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10 Best Travel Shows in India

It is not every day that you get to visit a new place (unless it’s a part of your job description)! But why not? The idle idiot box in the room has a lot to offer, treating your case for wanderlust one travel show at a time. From food to fashion to places that give us spooks. Our globe never ceases to surprise us, especially our country. Come back home, kick your socks off and indulge.

  1. OMG Yeh Mera India (History TV18)

The length and breadth of our country holds an abundance of talent. This show introduces you to the lesser known parts of India, and the host meets people with extra-ordinary skills. Every Thursday for half an hour stand-up comedian and actor, Krushna Abhishek will take you on this journey which will quite literally make you say OMG!

  1. Highway on my Plate (NDTV Good Times)

The two travel hosts Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma will take you on a food adventure on the national highways. What’s better than the sight of piping hot kaali dal and paratha from Kesar da Dhaba in Amritsar or the huge variety of chaat at Narayan Chaat Bhandar in Jhansi.

(Warning: After watching this show, you might have a cheat day everyday!)

  1. Yatra

Get in touch with your spiritual side. The host, Deepti Bhatnagar, travels to destinations featuring Indian temples, religious sites and shrines. The temple tours, understanding of different prayers and the rituals performed, gets you acquainted to the diverse religions, the melange of which makes up our country.

  1. David Rocco’s Dolce India (National Geographic)

From fine dining at ITC to savouring food from hidden gems in different cities, David Rocco has ‘been there and done that’. While perfecting his culinary skills and uncovering the influence of other cultures in the Indian cuisine, he will ensure that you know your food better. 

  1. Style and the City (Fox Traveller)

Get a close look at the cultures in our country. Top designers like Rina Dhaka and Rocky S, along with the host are given a challenge to hunt down a city and create a look for the designated celebrity guest which reflects both the personality of the city and that of the guest. The challenge here is to acquire all the materials, designs and inspiration locally.

  1. Food Highway(TravelXP)

Another food travel show to satiate the foodie in you. This show portrays the journey of a travel buff and a hardcore foodie, Rohan, who travels to different towns via expressways, while unravelling the amazing food joints on the way which serve local food and delicacies.

  1. It Happens Only in India (Fox Traveller)

Actress Sugandha Garg takes you to different cities of India, where she talks to a diverse crowd, who give her information about the town she is touring. Explore the nooks and crannies of the country and get a sneak-peak into some of the oddly strange practices which will leave you enchanted.